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Times New Romance

The Author is a man that is not entirely satisfied with his current life. One night he has a dream that gets him to actually question if it not would be better to live in a dream instead. Or at least a dream like the one he had last night. A dream of love where a beautiful girl loves him and cares for him. The Author sits down by his computer and tries to express his thoughts and feelings about this and the subject dream in general. If he had the opportunity to choose, what would he pick; his totally pathetic and boring life or paradise? He also thinks about a Man In Suit that enters in the end of each dream and gives that choice in the shape of two handles or such. The dreamer then gets to choose which one to pull as the first one lets him stay in the dream and the other one gets him back to his real life. No matter what the sense would be to choose real life and The Author doubts that if he was given the choice that he would pick the dream. But he starts to hesitate thinking back on last nights dream about the girl and him on the beach. The question is if the sense would be enough? 'No' he realizes as The Dreamgirl kisses him and they fall deep into each others eyes.
He finishes writing his thoughts with the words 'All I Can Do Is Dream You'. With that he closes his laptop. When The Author is on his way to work walking down the road in the city he lives he meets a girl. To his chock it is the girl from his dream. His eyes gets stuck on her and she passes him. He can't really see what's going on. Can dreams come true?




Copyright © 2011 Martin Åhlin, Blåfilm

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