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In Bournemouth, lifelong friends Max and Darren face their toughest test yet. With Max's parents away, Darren crashes their beloved Porsche into a neighbour's garden, causing reckless damage. With Max's parents return from holiday imminent, his worries on how to get the car fixed increasingly grow following the arrival of the bill from the mechanics. With the little money he makes with Darren in the cocktail bar run by Ian, the bar manager from hell, he needs to devise a scheme to get the money. Through a stroke of luck staying in late one night, Darren discovers the fortune stored in the bar's vault by the infamous gangster, The Lion, and his accomplices. As a result, he schemes a plot he pitches to Max that will allow them to steal just enough money in the safe to fix the car before his parent's return. However, on the night of the robbery, they quickly find out that they are not the only ones trying to steal the same money when they run into familiar faces. But now, completely out of their depth, the damaged Porsche and hefty debt becomes the least of Max and Darren’s worries: they must now find a way to get out alive.

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Alco-Hold-Up began with me challenging myself to see if I could do the heist/caper genre justice within the constraints of the short film format. I was never trying to directly emulate the genre conventions and narrative structure of the feature-length heist films, but more trying to capture the spirit of the caper in a scaled-down robbery story that reflected our own sensibilities as young film makers.

For me, Alco-Hold-Up is about the trust between old friends. It is about those closest of friends who, regardless of how unreliable they are, will always be the ones who come through for you when the chips are down. It represents my endeavor to explore a subject more familiar to me than anything else I know, truthfully and without pretension.

But subtext aside, my (and the entire creative team’s) primary goal was to make a short film that would excite and entertain its audience. From the moment the core team was assembled, we agreed to avoid anything too profound or pretentious and stick to some simple but solid genre-based entertainment. We agreed that if our audience was going to kindly give us fifteen minutes of their time, we would return the gesture by giving them a fun ride and few laughs for good measure!

As film graduates, the main aim for this project was to create a solid piece of entertainment that would demonstrate our storytelling and technical abilities to showcase our film making skills in an attempt to attract attention from industry personnel. This film would be the culmination of three years worth of technical exercises and development, for which we wanted to create a simple story that would serve as a platform challenging us to perform to the best of our abilities and push the boundaries of what is achievable on such a tight budget with our constraints.
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