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After escaping from a Box in a surreal dream and founding a real contact with outer world also within a dream, a recluse is beginning to change his opinion about the Box, about himself. Finally the Box Man realises that the nightmare is not in dreams, but in his real life. He understands that his subconscious wants freedom, he understands that he realy is the only one (the lonely one). Box Man is sure that the only obstacle between him and the outer world is a Box and after throwing it away he will be free, he will be normal, he will be part of a world, will be noticeable, will be alive.

Film notes

The final of a movie reveals both for a character and for a viewer, that neither a Box or any other material object is a wall between people, its just the worlds rule, people are everyone for himself, and everyone of us is a Box Man.

Film is inspired by the novel of Kobo Abe, but it can't be called ecranisation, because the content, the plot of film has only one connection to the book - the idea. It could be called experimental movie, but it still has narrative line.
It is deep, philosophical and also simple and quite clear film.
kobo abe sepparation socium communication tramp lonelyness



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