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Dr. Zack

Zack (seven years old) is studying medicine. A mysterious book thrusts him into a fantasy world filled with definitions, symptoms and cures. Failing to make sense of the harsh reality of his environment, Zack endeavors to find a cure for his abusive father. With no-one around to inspire him, Dr. Zack, his imaginary mentor, comes to the rescue. Making an appearance while Zack is fully immersed in studying the book, the doctor teaches him that cooties aren’t real and that injections are necessary to cure people. After attempting to diagnose a mentally unstable father with a midlife crisis, Zack is kicked out of the family trailer. He watches two serious looking men, clad in dark black suits, walk by. A knock on the door surprises the father who assumes the neighbor filed a complaint about him. Little does Zack know that he and his mentor are about to deal with their greatest challenge yet. Will Zack attain his dreams and reclaim his innocence in a ruthless adult world?

Film notes

Despite challenging conditions and lack of resources, everyone pulled through to ensure the film was completed. We were to shoot in a tight trailer with very little space available for lighting or moving around and our schedule was even tighter than the location itself.

I woke up early one Friday morning to drive to Toronto and pick up Turgut, Nick and the equipment. The night before was spent preparing for the shoot the next day; as Turgut experimented and tested the equipment, Deanna, Nick and I went over the script.

Dimitri and his family drove into town early the next morning with signs of exhaustion already apparent on Dimitri’s little face.

We had to complete production within two long, arduous days. We often had to take breaks in order to allow Dimitri to compose himself and focus his energy, while Turgut and myself would utilize that time to set up for the next scene.

We were interrupted by a neighbor who had decided it was a great day to bring out his chainsaw for some wood cutting, dogs barking and the next door neighbor holding a boisterous birthday party. We shot the scenes in between the intervals of noise from our surroundings. During the shooting of the bathroom scene, the water got cold and Dimitri had to be rushed to a heater numerous times in order to regain his regular body temperature. We had discussed utilizing basic lighting to emphasize the harsh reality of the surroundings; however, we had a small area to work in and had to labor hard to conceal the light and the boom mic. from the camera while ensuring the scene was well lit and the actors had enough space to move around in.

It turned out that at the end of the first day, we didn’t have enough time to shoot all the scenes. That night, I had to revise the script, taking out a scene or two and restructuring it so that the story was still in tact, with two scenes missing. Meanwhile, Turgut was busy shooting the scenes with Lou Israel (Dr. Zack) in my garage.




Copyright © 2010 Yilmaz Vurucu

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