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Posledný autobus

It’s the start of the hunting season. The animals of the forest board a small bus and flee to safety. When hunters stop the bus in the middle of the night, its passengers reveal their true natures in fear for their lives.

Film notes

We frequently believe that we are doing the right thing, that we are empathetic and just. We have no doubt that, if and when required, we will stand on the side of good. However, it’s easy to behave like a hero when we are not threatened. Are we able to reveal our true nature before we get a baptism of fire?
The heroes of our story show themselves to be cowards, and the cowards find unsuspected courage. It makes it difficult to deliver a judgment when an eternal villain saves someone’s life and a good person fails in the most important thing in life. Can such a weakness ever be exonerated?

Autumn plays an important role in our story. The forest is filled with bare trees, the road is covered with fallen leaves; orange, yellow and brown colours are everywhere. Autumn presages the arrival of winter – if the animals do not find a safe place, there is nothing good awaiting them in the forest. Autumn is also melancholic, the country descends into sleep, sinks in the mist. The transition from day to night is also significant. The brightly lit bus drives through the dark country – a specious island of safety. Many evil things take place in the darkness where no one sees them.

We located the story in the 1950s when the spirit of war was still alive. We did not emphasise the link with the historical experience of mankind from the World War, but it is definitely present in the film. In making the film, I did my best to give the audience the impression that they too are hunted.




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