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Beau and Jamie, two brothers from a rural Western Australian town are caught poaching a lamb from a neighbouring property. When Beau refuses to go quietly his younger brother becomes a pawn in a violent showdown.

Film notes

The seed of the idea for Crosshairs came to me while attending a barbeque last year when I discovered the spit-roasted lamb had been stolen from a nearby farm and butchered by the hosts themselves to keep party costs low. When I started thinking about the possible consequences of such an action I realized the situation was fertile ground for a dramatic short film.

Oscar nominee Peter Templeman (The Saviour), Dan and I had been looking to develop something together for a while and so a short film seemed like a good starting point. I wrote the first couple of drafts and then Pete took it from there, eventually delivering a tight, complex script about two brothers whose relationship is destroyed by ego driven violence.

Casting, as always, is crucial and was a particularly lengthy process on this film. The character of Beau, the volatile older brother, was especially hard to cast. Finding a guy in his early twenties with natural authority and confidence of a man much older was the challenge. In the end we had to go east, to Sydney, and cast Lindsay Farris, who I had seen as a seventeen year old in one of Pete’s films years earlier. With Lindsay, Michael Muntz and Luke Ledger, I truly had my best experience as a director working with actors.






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Awards and nominations

Best Australian Short Film
29 Mar – 31 Mar | Australia
Audience Choice
29 Mar – 31 Mar | Australia
3rd Place
7 Jun – 26 Aug | United States
Best Drama
28 Sep – 29 Sep | United States

Previous screenings

6 Jan – 15 Jan | Sydney, Australia
16 Feb – 19 Feb | Boulder, United States
7 Mar – 17 Mar | Randwick, Australia
15 Mar – 18 Mar | Sun Valley, United States
29 Mar – 31 Mar | Blyth, Australia
Best Australian Short Film
Audience Choice
26 Apr – 3 May | Newport Beach, United States
Los Angeles
26 Apr – 3 May | Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tulsa, Chicaco, New York, London, United States
1 May – 6 May | Hill City, United States
Bootleg Film Festival | 2012
10 May – 12 May | London, United Kingdom
20 May – 24 May | Iowa City, United States
22 May – 27 May | Melbourne, Australia
1 Jun – 3 Jun | Long Beach Island, United States
7 Jun – 26 Aug | Big Sur, United States
3rd Place
28 Sep – 29 Sep | New York, United States
Best Drama

Latest press reviews/articles

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27 Feb 2012 | Film & Television Institute
“... Producer Dan Wood was a former Walkley-winning photojournalist. After more than a decade in the business Dan left to pursue his first passion, Film and TV. Crosshairs is his 2nd short film. ...”
14 Feb 2012 | Film and Television Institute
“... In a neat blend of suspenseful action and moral fable, Crosshairs (director Mike Hoath, writer Peter Templeman), tracks two brothers ...”
31 Jan 2012 | Keith Gallasch | ReatTime Arts Magazine
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