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Time Always Moving

Whether it be 2 years ago, tonight or tomorrow, time is always moving. And Adam will realize that no matter what time it is- beyond the girlfriend, the best friend, the other woman and the truth they finally chose to say- is the one who stayed.

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Making a short film on no budget, means zero budget, no money, making the most of whatever equipment you or your friends or your contacts have access to. It can mean using a regular consumer HD camcorder that costs less than £100. It can mean using extra bright lightbulbs because you don't have access to expensive lighting equipment. It can mean using an inexpensive boom shotgun microphone that may work one minute and not the next. It can mean having limited access to a location which can limit your filming time. All of these factors can be extremely limiting... if you let it.

I prefer not to let anything limit me. I prefer to take all of the above, write a script, bring people together, and hopefully create something wonderful.

In 2010, I created the short film 'Time Stops Moving', the most popular of four short films I'd put online. It even got the attention of US casting director Bonnie Gillespie who featured it on her website Somebody's Basement. Though the nature of the story was that the cliffhanger was the ending, being that it was a cliffhanger it opened up the possibility for a continuing story.

'Time Always Moving', the stand alone sequel to 'Time Stops Moving', explores the journey of two characters- Adam from the first film as he learns to let himself love again, and new character Kirsty who is there to help Adam discover who he belongs with. Sometimes their individual journeys appear to be traveling in opposite directions, but ultimately they are running in parallel before coming together, much as any special relationship does. And throughout these journeys is time itself which accompanies them along the way.

Whether time is stopped or moving, it always remains precious, and I hope that by viewing 'Time Always Moving' you are reminded of time's importance, and to make the most of your time.

Lee Neville, June 2011




Copyright © 2011 Lee Neville

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