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Folie Imposée

Suspiciously nervous, a man in his late thirties dims the light on to his bathroom and looks around. Glancing out the window his mind wonders off momentarily to a young girl. Breaking his fixation he closes the window and the blinds. Gathering himself the man looks in the mirror. Unable to keep his reserved demeanor his memories provoke a reaction. Glimpses of the young girl circulate through his head as he continuously attempts to contain himself. Soon the man undresses and enters the shower. As the door closes the visions of the young girl become more provocative. Glimpses of her supple breasts along with the scars on both of her arms consume the man as he reacts with both pain and pleasure. Hesitant at first, the man begins to massage himself as more thoughts creep from his subconscious. Conflicted, he tries to stop himself but soon falls victim to his own impulses. Masturbating rigorously he struggles to climax. More and more images flourish in his head as he violently attempts to relieve himself. Frustrated and confused the man loses his erection. He takes a step back regaining his breath and composure while thinking of the young girl's soft skin and bare vagina. Not until after his climax will he come to terms with what has happened.

Film notes

In an effort to constantly progress my perception of art and cinema I've been drawn to visionaries such as Gaspar Noé, Lars Von Trier, Matthew Barney, and Stan Brakage, among others. Looking into these filmmakers I came across the compilation, Destricted, which "...explores the line where art and pornography intersect." Noticing that Matthew Barney, Gaspar Noé, and Larry Clark were some of the filmmakers that contributed I found myself deeply intrigued by the notion and needed to acquire a copy as soon as I could.

Purchasing a PAL Region 2 copy I screened the film on my computer while alone with great interest. While watching Marina Abramović's Balkan Erotic Epic I was amused as I was exposed to what seemed as odd rituals but also had very endearing qualities to them. Marco Brambilla's Sync was also entertaining as short pornographic clips were edited together giving the impression of motion. But it wasn't until I watched Matthew Barney's Hoist, Gaspar Noé's We Fuck Alone and Larry Clark's Impaled that I was dramatically altered. These films with their execution and subject matter challenged me in an unfamiliar way.

After my experience with Destricted I often wondered how I would execute a film with the same idea. Soon I devised a story with no dialog and only progressed with the actor's crescendo of emotion. A film that juxtaposes the beauty of the female form with the ugliness of an older man hunched over masturbating all the while implying a narrative. Using elements associated with pornography to create an "art house" film Folie Imposée, (translation: Madness Imposed), portrays a brief moment of agonizing confliction and self comfort before coming to terms with an irreversible act.




Copyright © 2011 Louis Mansfield

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