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Growing up through Life had always proved hard for myself, living under the shadow of what people and society always viewed me as made it very hard to be myself.

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Labelled addresses the issues around special needs and the treatment of those who suffer from it and explores the means around such labelling and whether or not its possible for subjects to break free and become themselves.

Labelled is about my own issues with confidence that I have suffered since going to university because of my past experience with being made to feel and treated differently to everyone else in society because of a label bestowed upon me.

Labelled, then follows a very personal journey of mine as I try to understand why I saw myself as an outcast and what if anything I could do to change this perception that I and other special need children felt as they entered the real world.

My story starts at my mother’s house, where I return to seek closure and answers that could regain confidence that institutions and schools have taken away from me. Provided with contacts, answers to these questions start to flood in but provide me with little more knowledge than I already knew about the narrow minded approach society had towards kids with special needs.

It's only when I realise in a heart to heart conversation with my mother about our relationship, that dismissing these labels was something I could do only by myself. To do this I would have to amend broken relationships by crushing my own confidence issues and overcoming any negative connotations associated with my labels.

This involves returning to my university home, asking what people really thought of my and setting myself challenges such as blind dates that would put me out of any comfort zone. Before returning home to build upon mine and my mum’s fractured relationship.

Labelled concludes with a short piece to camera, where I state that by seeing the broader social picture of labelling and how people don't take much notice of it, that people such as myself can escape the grouping of labelling and finally be witnessed as an individual who can easily settle in to today’s society.



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