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A man wakes up with a bag in his head and a rope around his neck. He is standing on a chair in a very dangerous position, where a big movement would leave him hanged. Left alone in a basement, what will he do to survive?

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'Survivalismo' is a psychological thriller that explores the Five Stages of Grief defined by the Kübler-Ross Model and applies them to a kidnap situation and a mystery storyline. While the protagonist tries to discover why he was put in such a deadly trap, he goes through the various steps that will lead him to salvation: from Denial to Acceptance, he lives through Rage, Negotiation and Depression.

But atonement doesn't always lead to an happy ending, and the film's surprise finale reveals that things aren't always what they seem.

This project began as a 'survival' thriller that aimed to surprise the audiences through playing with their expectations. But soon its storyline evolved into a dissection on how we deal with difficult situations and with lost.
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Copyright © 2011 José Pedro Lopes

Previous screenings

9 Sep – 11 Sep | Arouca, Portugal
20 Oct – 26 Oct | Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
8 Nov – 13 Nov | Aberystwyth, United Kingdom
Deboshir Film - Pure Dreams: International Independent Film Festival
10 Nov – 14 Nov | Saint Petersburg, Russia
Landshut Short Film Festival
21 Mar – 25 Mar | Landshut, Germany
Lago Film Fest
20 Jul – 28 Jul | Lago, Italy
4 Sep – 9 Sep | Budapest, Hungary

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