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A Radical Change

Rishi comes to an isolated place. He is very much attached with his father and he recollects his memoirs with his father. His father was a Gangster and he never wanted his son to choose his path. But knowingly or unknowingly Rishi also becomes a gangster. On this day,he comes to know that his wife has delivered a baby boy. He also never wanted his son to choose his path. He leaves his profession.

Film notes

Its story about a boy and his love towards his father. Usually children idolizes their father and want be like him once they grew up. So what if a boy idolizes the criminal activities of his father? He might have also ended up being one of them. What if he is becoming a father to a boy? And what if he also idolize his father. So again its a cycle. So there must be an end to this one and my protagonist opts for a change.

Its a very simple story that we might have heard or seen before. But I wanted to capture emotions in my own way, with my own perspective of camera angles.



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