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Tom is an apprentice Sushi Chef, which in his mind is kind of like saying, he’s an apprentice Samurai. A slightly shambling, awkward Samurai. Tom loves the culture, the art and the honour of sushi, and is taught by his wise mentor and Sushi Master Ryu. He dreams to one day become a noble Sushi Master, just like his mentor. The problem is, Tom’s not Japanese, and works in a phony upmarket sushi restaurant in London. A place frequented by rich pricks and horrible slags, hell bent on ridiculing every bit of sushi Tom prepares. Tom hates his customers for not understanding the true art of sushi. The restaurant manager Juri doesn’t make things any easier for him. She’s on the side of the customers. She has little to no faith in his abilities, but his mentor and Sushi Master Ryu defends Tom to the last, seeing the potential in him. One day, in-between imparting his knowledge and serving up sushi orders, Ryu shows Tom an amazing sushi knife trick. No one in the restaurant bats an eye lid - they are only interested in themselves. Tom is awed and intrigued by how Ryu performed such a feat. Ryu offers Tom his own sushi blade and allows Tom to try the trick himself. When Tom tries the trick, he accidentally kills Ryu in the process. Juri is oblivious to what has happened as she takes an order from a rich prick. With his world now slashed in two, and a dead body on his hands, Tom decides revenge is a dish best served raw.
sushi slasher



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23 Jun – 2 Jul | Moscow, Russia

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