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Lucid Dream

Kate wakes up in the bath. She comes out. She puts her clothes to the washing machine, reaches for the phone, she calls and says "run, run!" The phone was answered by the same Kate just after she destroyed the sculpture by metal rod. She starts to run. She runs out of the hall of sculpture, runs through the city. She reaches the big room, passes through the couch, waking up Kate, who is sleeping on it. After awaking, Kate complains to her friends that she suffers from sleep disorders. The girls laugh and talk about insomnia. They leave the room, leaving Kate alone. It's night. Kate is in her room, she can’t sleep. She walks around her room until the morning comes. She walks out onto the street, goes through a red door located in the middle of the street. She is in the bathroom. Looks pleased at herself in the mirror, she has a make-up. She washes her face, looks again in the mirror but she looks totally different... She walks through a long corridor. She hears a bang. The image on the screen is divided into two. In one - half of the image is shifted by a few seconds - Kate comes to the room and smashes the sculpture. In the other she enters the room and hits a girl with a metal punch . Followed by further division of the image until a infinite number of parts that create the black space. Kates pupil. Kate wakes up in the bath. Comes out of it. Puts blood-stained clothes into the washing machine. She raises the phone to the ear, looking in the mirror.

Film notes

Lucid Dream is in a border line between a fiction and experimental movie it's also touch philosophical matters.

The movie has few layers. One of the inspiration was “lucid dreams”. In a lucid dream, the dreamer can actively participate in and manipulate imaginary experiences in the dream environment but there is a thin line bordering the world of dream from the real world.

The second layer of the movie is inspired by the theory of “many worlds” wrote in 1957 by an American scientist Hugh Everett . He says "there's more than one you, and you are splitting into trillions of copies of yourself every time there's a quantum interaction of a certain size." there are many other similar worlds which exist in parallel at the same space and time.

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