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Kabar Gembira

Nazarudin, 50 years old, a hearse driver who is expecting his first child. He has to deliver one more mortal remains on his way home. He met Safi’I, a father who apparently just ran and left his son. The two of them are bound in a journey which in it they will share lifes, the lifes that in the end will change forever when Nazarudin died suddenly and Safi’i became the one who is remain from this journey.

Film notes

A misfortune for one man can be a blessing in disguise for others. This two characters bound into a journey that will change their life forever. The “meaning” of journey can be very vast and specific. We can see, meet many things, start something, or end something and the most important, find something “missing” from ourselves through a journey.
In Bahasa Indonesia, The Good News literally means a news which brings happiness and good feelings for its’ audience, but it is not impossible this good news brings different meanings to a different audience.
Kabar Gembira tried to portray a perspective about determination in daily life in Indonesia. Such will be presented through point of views from a kind-hearted hearse driver and a “lost” father. Frictions between the older generation and the younger generation, between interests, become immediate micro kaleidoscope to see what is actually happening in this country.
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29 Jul – 31 Jul | Apchat, France

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