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Sono Qui

A young man, confused by the chaos of modern life and his consequent explosion of possibilities, that generates fear and disorientation, leads him to a undefined place: deserted, isolated, decontextualized. Memories, regrets, fears, thoughts and faces of loved person takes then shape and starts to color with dream visions the sky over this wild place. They materialize into grotesque apparitions and so the landscape suddenly becomes hostile. The regrets and upsets’weight so inhibits any attempt to refocus the face of a loved person: a girl perhaps important in his life. The attempt to get rid of this burden materialized in a grotesque and colorful vision will only end up to make everithing worse. The decision to permanently delete this tangle of feelings will cost him the loss of everything: memories, faces, images of the past and even the opportunity to refocus that face that then goes away forever. The inability to deal with the weight of memories and regrets will take him to an isolation and a final shipwreck into that memories lost forever.


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