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Sophie und das Hohelied

The relationship between the strongly religious, educated Sophie and her boyfriend has reached a dead end. Sophie dreams of having children pretty quick. But Fred is not happy with their relationship, especially their sex life. He's hiding an affair from her. Sophie seeks for advice. The new pastor in the village comes up with perspectives in love and sexuality she never heard of before. Inspired by the Song of Solomon he preaches for an open-minded sexuality. Her best friend Bettina complements these perspectives by her unrestrained nature. Sophie has to prove yet whether she can learn from this in order not to lose Fred.

Film notes

Salomon's Song has been produced and filmed in Zurich, Switzerland in the year 2010 and 2011. During six full days, filming has taken place in a church, in a kitchen, in a garden, by the lake and on a playground. Totally up to 20 professionals including casts have been involved in the filming process. Additionally about 50 extras.

What is the movie about? Influenced by our parents, our church, our schools everybody raises up with a different perspective about love and sexuality. Mostly we don't even come up with thinking about other possibilities. There's just this one way we are supposed to be, supposed to think and act. But specially such people will have a hard time in our society. What is the solution? I think, it is all about active communication, questioning the way we live and act towards sexuality. This movie shows you the story of Sophie and you will experience how she deals with her special situation.


Writer (Original story)
Director of Photography
Camera Assistant
Costume Designer
Set Decorator
Lighting Assistants
Makeup Artist




Copyright © 2011 Adrian Sandmeier

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