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Herkesin Bir Sansi Olmali

Atif drives a taxi for a living. And bets on horse races, dogs and hangs around looking for easy money. Mahir who is an old friend of Atif, comes from the military service with bad memories. Mahir is a mechanic and works for Munir. Munir is like a father to him. Atif insists on learning what happened in the military duty. Mahir keeps silent. He wants his life back.

Film notes

“Everybody Should Have a Second Chance” is a short passage from the life of a generation who are today in their 30’s, grown up after the coup in 1980 in Turkey. Turkey had found itself in a rapid change of economy and politics after recovered from the impact. This period had changed ethical, cultural, traditional and moral values of the society rapidly. “Easy money” has become a goal for most of the young generation. On the other hand the anti-terrorism operations in East Turkey have become a war in years. And so many youngs coming from the millitary duty couldn’t recover totally from the remains of war. This is a few days of two lads who are from that wounded generation.
I wanted the audience to be a witness, so the camera has a “breathing” motion but also keeps it’s distance. High contrast and low saturation comes from the characters’ lives; what they have seen from their fathers and what they have learned from life.


Previous screenings

International Eskişehir Film Festival
1 May – 8 May | Eskişehir, Turkey
11 May – 21 May | Cannes, France

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