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Not Even Death

Living among zombies has become commonplace. With the threat of infection ever-lurking, humans are required to gun down the undead - even if it means killing a loved one. Then there's David. A few years ago Jackie, the love of his life, became infected. Unable to bear the thought of her annihilation, he keeps her chained in the basement, out of sight of their young daughter. Bringing her tasty, brainy morsels, he has managed to keep her satiated. There is hope that a cure is near completion in Germany but will it come in time?

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The first time I read the script I was struck by the emotional aspect of the story. Here we have a devoted and loyal husband who, day after day, comes down to the basement to feed and check on his sick, infected wife. It is immediately clear that this is a tragic love story and that is precisely how I wanted this film to be made. Of course there is a zombie in the story and so this instantly classifies Not Even Death as a horror film. I was less concerned with genre and more concerned with creating a believable story about this man’s love and devotion to his family and the catastrophic repercussions of his undying devotion. It is my hope that audiences appreciate the story’s emotional impact while marveling at the distinctive storyline.
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