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Ujjal Chakraborty is a sensitive and a talented painter with a noble vision towards sustained justice. Industrialist Amar Mitra is an I-loving nepotist, Gorapriyo Chatterjee is an orthodox Brahmin and call centre employee Krishnendu Dutta is irresponsible and greedy; these three like to label, control and limit others. Ujjal knew their psychology, but they couldn’t conceive the extent of his reach. Will the mysterious painting and the document initiate a mental journey, a sense of critical self-examination in these three characters and help them see the bigger picture of life?

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Disha (The Clue) is not just about a repressed and eccentric painter’s story in context to three ideologically different characters; rather within the rich texture of this multi-layered narrative, the three characters should be identified on a broader perspective as the omnipresent & omnipotent Symbols in society, responsible for interfering with lot of other people’s hope, happiness and freedom.

Nepotism, irresponsibility-cum-incessant greed as well as psyche resisting true changes are “Social Ceilings” that not only stifle productiveness & greater progress of humanity but also beget random hypocrisy & sins. The resultant disparities are giving us more disappointments & losses than true & sustained happiness.Under the present scenario, it’s time for all of us to examine our conscience little more often; words like accountability, confession & reformation deserve genuine respect than never before!

While physical life is a beautiful gift, in the midst of life, there could also be death - an emotional, a moral and/ or a spiritual demise that we should neither incur nor inflict on others. A sudden emotional blow can often bring great change in our attitude, but rather than inviting such an assault, it makes sense to introspect & edit our actions in time lest the damages may turn irreversible.

The change of inimical mindset with a broad vision may be very difficult, but not impossible and, entirely, unrewarding in the end. In the film, at times, the visual experiences of the characters are nothing more than just the mental journey through the crevices of mind from darkness towards light. India’s national tree, Banyan considered not only as sacred & immortal but also a wish fulfilling tree that symbolize shade, shelter & unity as well as Bodhi trees related in a way to enlightenment have benefited the story.




Copyright © 2011 Jyotirmoy Ghosh

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Previous screenings

Stortford Film Festival | 2011
21 May – 26 May | Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom
23 Jul – 24 Jul | Los Angeles, United States
12 Nov – 19 Nov | Oaxaca, Mexico
Kolkata Short Film Festival | 2011
5 Dec – 10 Dec | Kolkata, India
Gorky Sadan: Russian Centre of Science and Culture | 2012
3 Jan – 26 Dec | Kolkata, India
Dhaka International Film Festival | 2012
12 Jan – 20 Jan | Dhaka, Bangladesh
Rainbow Film Festival | 2012
27 May – 3 Jun | London, United Kingdom
11 Aug – 18 Aug | Lanarkshire, United Kingdom
30 Aug – 16 Sep | London, United Kingdom
Fenaco: International Short Film Festival
14 Nov – 17 Nov | Cusco, Peru
23 Nov – 30 Nov | Santiago, Chile

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