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Barn Af Irak

21-year old Ala’A Mohsen feels Danish to the bone. But his name and the color of his
skin prove that he has another background. Iraq once was his home, but war and uncertainty forced him to flee the country with his family 14 years ago. Ever since his escape, Ala’A has fiercely rejected his inheritance because of all the pain and grief Iraq has caused him. Now, 14 years later, Ala’A is finally ready to rediscover his Iraqi past and combine it with his Danish identity. Armed with a consumer HDV camera as his diary and reminder that he is only a visitor in Iraq, he travels through the country to explore his past. The memories and the past soon catch up with him, and he is forced to confront his sad and tragic memories. Just as Ala’A finally is getting used to the Iraqi conditions and even becomes friends with his cousin, Ahmed, everything is brutally interrupted by his mother’s sudden death from a heart attack. Once again Iraq has brought him grief and pain. But unlike his earlier resentment towards Iraq, this visit has opened his eyes to his inheritance – Iraq will never stop hurting him, but still it is a part of him and his family.

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“Child of Iraq” is a coming of age-story about grief, friendship and a burning wish to find a lost identity in a country once called home.



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14 Apr – 20 Apr | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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