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After a one night standing with Samael, Laurel decides to leave. She ignores his violent and blind reaction. Laurel runs from that cage going back to the wilderness of the woods, but she cannot find her way, although she has a flash light. Her desperate run finishes when she arrives to a hill, looking down at the vastness of brightly lit Los Angeles.

Film notes

The two characters are an allegory of Good and Evil. Between them is the whole range of human feelings, from physical desire to fear, obsession, guilty, and atonement. Laurel falls victim of her own carnal desire for Samael (embodying a devilish temptation), but when she tries to redeem herself coming back to nature, she cannot find her way into the woods. The flash light is not enough to see where she is going. Eventually she arrives to the hill where she look at the infinite lights of the city. Now she knows it. The only light possible in that world is the light of human beings, the confusion, the absurdity and the contradictions of life. Good and Evil are always together.



Copyright © 2010 University of Southern California

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Previous screenings

Mountain Film Festival | 2011
26 Feb – 27 Feb | Mammoth Lakes, United States
23 Jul – 27 Jul | Verona, Italy
27 Aug | Los Angeles, United States
30 Sep – 16 Oct | Nicosia, Cyprus
Yasujiro Ozu International Short Film Festival
13 Oct – 16 Oct | Sassuolo, Italy
8 Nov – 11 Nov | Cornwall, United Kingdom

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