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Leaves are falling all around, colder winds are arriving and birds are gathering together in preparation for the journey south. Though autumn is at an end and winter is imminent one bird refuses to accept that this change is happening. Most of all he is upset that his favourite perch is shedding its leaves, for him the weather is not to blame and he trys to work out who the true culprit really is. This is the reason that he protects his perch from anything that threatens the status quo, but try as he might he is unable to avert this inevitable march of time.

Film notes

"Out on a Limb" is my first animated film after the diploma film "A Moving Business",
The film was founded by the county government of Saxony/ Germany.
I worked nearly 6 month on the film, most of the time i was working alone,
because the animation part took a lot of tests and you needed a good work flow for this special kind of animation.
The Film creates a new surface feel of animation and a never seen expression of animation.
"Out on a Limb" used known animation techniques an melt them together.
Cut-Out, Drawing-animation and Collage flow together to a symbiosis.

The whole animated film was drawn only on a few sheets of paper.
Every single scene was drawn with pencil and colored pencil on one sheet of paper.
Small motions in the animation were rubbed and drawn over on the same sheet of paper.
When there were more movements, this animation detail where glued over by a small, white piece of paper and then drawn again.

In this way, the film tells two stories, on one hand the narrative story about the bird, his perch and all these problems and on the other hand the story of the animation. One single sheet of paper transmits the story of all this rubbed and over clued drawings to the audience and enables so a deep insight into the evolution of the animation.

For me as the director and animator of the film, it was the ultimate ambition to open the animation, from ward the perfect pictures and retouched scenes towards to a film where you can see the making of the animation, to bring to light the artistic realization.




Copyright © 2011 Falk Schuster

Previous screenings

4 Jun – 5 Jun | Ukraine
9 Jun – 13 Jun | Detmold, Germany
11 Jun – 19 Jun | Shanghai, China
Tindirindis: International Animated Film Festival
24 Oct – 30 Oct | Vilnius, Lithuania
Anirmau: Didactic Animation Film Festival
9 Apr – 14 Apr | Lalín (Pontevedra), Spain

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