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Some Jobs Are Simple

A married woman is in need of quick cash. Her solution is to set up an insurance job, the theft of her jewelry. To accomplish this, she retains the services of Joe (if that’s really his name), a hard edged looking criminal with a glare in his eye that tells you he is not a man to mess with. For Joe, this job is a simple walk in the park, or so he thinks.

Film notes

Some Jobs Are Simple first came to light out of Jim Evans’ long time interest in the short story written by Chet Williamson. With its clever dialogue, well-developed characters and only two noted locations, he saw it as the perfect short film project to undertake.

After acquiring the rights to the story from Chet, he began to write the screenplay. Chet’s input during the screenplay development was invaluable.

Brian Ish and Molly Ryman, are the talented actors who star in the film, and their dedication and input to their characters was a tremendous asset.

As a truly independent production, Some Jobs Are Simple was developed to be a high quality film on a modest budget. With a small energetic cast and crew in tow, the entire production, from casting through post production took approximately twelve months to complete.

Shot in Hi-Def/24p with a Panasonic HVX-200A camera equipped with a 35mm lens package by Director of Photography Erik Dettle, the principal photography took place over two days at two different locations within Westchester County, NY. To round out the post production, Stephen Ward’s audio and music expertise was retained for sound design and editing as well as composing the music for the film along with the band members of The Beeps.




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