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David, emotional and angry, sits in the drivers seat staring at the red traffic lights like a bull wanting to charge. Rubbish scatters the car, the back seat occupied by his sleeping bag as his life has taken a turn for the worst. His anger builds up, his temper ready to snap, from even the smallest of annoyances.

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This is the first professional short film that I have made since leaving university and I used the crew members and contacts that I've been building up since going freelance. The film was something that I have been sitting on since the second year of university and it's content is very social realism.

When it came to making it I found myself teaming up with a high school friend and professional actor, Jordan Dawes, who co-directed with me. We gave ourselves the difficult task of writing, organising and shooting the film in just 7 days! As the producer, I spent the next four days on the phone gathering the team and actors needed. After speaking to Jon Williams and sending him the script, he instantly suggested Joe O’Byrne who after a phone call, a read of the script and a meeting the next day was all over the film ‘like a rash’.

The filming was a formidable and challenging environment with heavy rain on the two late night shoots which both finished at 6am. The cast and crew were amazing in putting up with the hard conditions and pulled out all the stops to get the filming completed. We got to the edit and quickly recruited Andrew Layfield and James Rackham who helped to create a professional audio track which enhanced the quality of the finished film, so hats off to your guys.

All in all, I am happy with my first professional film and delighted with the cast and crew, who soldiered on through hard conditions.




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