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A Sense of a Maze

Authors exercise a search for answers to life’s unpronounced questions in the labyrinth of a medieval medina. The milestones of the quest are existential, scientific, religious and artistic expressions. Here colours, sounds, figures and authentic musical threads lead the wanderer. The verbal, as well as the visual and sonic guidance concerns eternal truth-seeking, fear, foreignness, the sacredness of life, the discovery of “other”, the lost of Eden garden, inside and outside, work and worship, ecstasy and pacification.

Film notes

Allegorical creative documentary aimed to exercise a search for answers to life’s unpronounced questions in the labyrinth of a medieval medina.

The time we have spent in Fez has bound us to the city like it does to
many unsuspecting visitors. It's challenging to describe Fez in short, because the city is steeped in time, memory, mythology, knowledge, and experience far beyond our
imagination. There are so many things we would like to document about Fez, and the lanes are just one of them. Yet the lanes speak to us of Fez, because they are intrinsic to the experience of the city, not just physically, but metaphorically. It is interesting to note that mazes and labyrinths have long been associated with inner or spiritual quests. Our film does not explicitly suggest this, but on an alternative level one could explore the idea of how the maze symbolizes Fez as such. For us, exploring Fez, was about searching, seeking and asking life’s unpronounced question while navigating through the maze. The city itself is a maze of the senses, information, culture, people, mythologies and histories. Like a true maze, it is multi-layered, complex, full of contradictions, and yet, is an enjoyable mosaic of holistic experiences. One cannot wander into Fez and expect to leave easily. The city binds one with a spell of its charm and its stories that bring every stone and street corner to life. It enchants and traps the traveler within its multitudes of experience. It is only natural to find oneself lost, and that is the first step that one takes when getting to know Fez.


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Deboshir Film - Pure Dreams: International Independent Film Festival
10 Nov – 14 Nov | Saint Petersburg, Russia

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