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La Chaîne

One evening, an anonymous young man is kidnapped on his way home by two massive men in black. Chained like a dog in a huge warehouse, where our eyes loose themselves in its emptiness, he finds himself left on his own, like a tiny worm, agonising upon a hook, suspended in the void and in the overwhelming darkness.

Film notes

If Link is an auto-produced thirteen minutes long dark farce, it's also a multidisciplinary project aiming to explore on different levels a persistent universe by crossing genres, filmed in digital HDV Pro 35, with photographic lenses.

Very inspired by 70s' aesthetic, true B movie in its heart, forged to be a generous roller coaster that takes us from comedy to horror, rejecting the didacticism of a long and uneven tradition of thesis movies, Link doesn't display its violence only for fun or spectacular means. The story deals with themes of manipulation, powerlessness and alienation. Those are known to be recurring issues, common to a wide range of different genres, such as an inside link between film noir and fantasy, letting us flirting closely with great tragedies' fate. But if it's tragic, then it can become awfully funny and visceral, can it not ?

Questioning mainly our capacity of indignation, with the absurd and hilarious laugh that runs through it from its beginning to its end, Link illustrates, in some twisted way, this too well-kwon expression "to live like a dog on leash". Sickening feeling particularly symptomatic of a cross-generational angst, which seems to run through all our time like never before. A simple idea around which one we built the even more simple mechanism for a dreadful machine. We swing throughout its inevitable course from one genre to another, following closely the various states our character is going through. It's quite happily twist-minded, rather sadistic, a bit "No Future". It is strongly reminiscent of a dark idea that black Franquin, the famous well known Belgian cartoonist. It evokes dark and bitter tales of The Twilight Zone. It might sometimes seems under some kind of influence, and it will. But those references don't matter, and we all hope that, whatever are they mean to us, they all disappear in the end, letting the movie make sense by itself.


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