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Roman's Ark

Botanist, Roman, survives a nuclear holocaust in his stasis chamber in an underground bunker. Venturing out every five years to test the arid earth's soil, he awaits a time when the earth will be re-inhabitable. On one expedition, he rescues a woman and on discovering she is pregnant, sacrifices his stasis tank for her and the life of the unborn child. Into the outside world one last time, he scatters millions of seeds he had saved, in the hope they will grow. A century later, when the woman is rescued, she emerges from the bunker to a replanted, regenerated planet.

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Location Shoot Information

The film was shot at Fox Studios Australia, as well as on location at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, and at Lake Mungo National Park, near Mildura in western New South Wales. Roman's Ark is one of the first drama productions to shoot at Lake Mungo in recent times, usually reserved for documentary shoots about the region and it’s people.

The production was generously invited, welcomed and nurtured by elders from the Paakantyi and Ngyiampaa tribes, who are also extras in the film. NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service also generously contributed to assisting the production with access to the remote filming locations.


Writer (Original story)
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Still Photographer

Awards and nominations

Best Achievement in Sound Post Production
24 May – 29 May | Australia
Best Achievement in Visual Effects
24 May – 29 May | Australia

Previous screenings

31 Mar – 7 Apr | Phoenix, United States
11 May – 21 May | Cannes, France
19 May – 25 May | Seoul, Korea, South
19 May – 12 Jun | Seattle, United States
24 May – 29 May | Melbourne, Australia
Best Achievement in Sound Post Production
26 May – 29 May | Dungog, Australia
27 May – 30 May | Baltimore, United States
30 Aug – 11 Sep | São Paulo, Brazil
30 Sep – 16 Oct | Nicosia, Cyprus
30 Sep – 16 Oct | Gwacheon, Korea, South
19 Oct – 21 Oct | Columbus, United States

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4 June 2011
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