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Hilf Dir Selbst

Jens thinks he´s the born loser. He´s got no work, he´s got no education, he´s got no perspective. For his friends, he´s a deadbeat.
Nightmares afflict him every night. His new female neighbour doesn´t seem to be impressed by him, either. This must come to an end, so he searches for help.

He finds it at Torsten Weber, a real selfmademan, who has a suitable business idea: Take money for friendly turns, called social services. Jens is well equipped, visits all of his friends and gets them pay.
All of a sudden, he´s got no friends anymore. Jens wonders: if they would have had this idea before him, they wouldn´t have done any better.
At least, that´s what Torsten Weber says. It´s hard enough for Jens, that everybody shows him the could shoulder, but he doesn´t know yet, that Torsten Weber is waiting with a big, bad surprise for him.

So in the end Jens loses everything and he´s willing to do things, which won´t even happen in his nightmares.



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