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Saison 2

Cyril and Josh have to make a movie telling the story of an old marseille mobster.

Screenwriter and alcoholic, Cyril evokes a lack of conviction to get out of the project and continue his own story Due to a car accident, he falls in a coma.

He wakes up in a strange world confronted to Bastien, one of his character and « the End » of his story. She suggests him to consult the Inspiration Office, but they can’t do anything without a creation form improvised. Then she tells him to become one of his characters with an intoxicant drink.

In the real world, Josh, the director cannot continue the movie without a script and can’t tell the actors which part they have.

Cyril decides to reincarnate in his friend to save him

The voice over, who can’t handle the transition of those two scenes, calls the Anti-Turkey Squad to end the movie.

Josh is in love with Lilas, an actress. Because he’s not loved in returned, Josh starts to drink and one night falls into a coma as well. He meets Cyril in the fantastic world, breaking point between Reality and the Hell of creativity, in which they are imprisoned

On a TV screen, the End shows to Cyril and Josh the fallen of their friends and offer them one last chance, one last challenge, where Josh will lose his life.

Rather than finishing his screenplay, Cyril prefers to die to end his own story.

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A movie about friendship and love, like sitting on the fence between Bergman and Monty Python. If you don't like sitting on fences, you won't understand.




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