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Lonely young womman can't sleep and one night she hars strange noise from other side of the wall. She goes to her neigbour, then comes back, tho other night she goes there again. We find out that the neighbour is a young man who is also lonely. They are playing like kids, enjoying company. They are going home on evening and accidentally meet. They don't talk to each other and pretends that they are strangers. The girl comes back home, knocks the wall, goes to boy's flat. They are playing. The other night the girl knocks the wall, the boy doesn't answer. Girl is sad couldn't sleep, just like in the begining. She hears noise from the other side of her room . Listen's to the noise of making an omlet, knocks the door. Noise stops.

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This is short and almost silent film about relationships in todays world, than people are very limited on expresing their feelings, and how on so extraordinary circumstances people opens their felings.
No words are used in this film. The view and emotion talks instead.
insomnia relationship urban closness

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