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The Chase

Milton is a very smart kid. So smart that he's won various academic awards. As a 5th grader, that's not cool. And three 8th grade bullies are quick to remind him of that.

Milton wins the 5th grade speller of the year trophy. Not only is he happy, but so is Sara, Milton's crush.

The bullies catch wind of this and plot ways to tease Milton about it. They also decide that they can pawn it off for the latest video game.

After school, Milton and Sara talk and it gives Milton confidence. He's flying high until the bullies see him. They chase Milton through the neighborhood to his house, where Milton has a surprise waiting.

Film notes

The Chase would mark writer-director Jason Prugar’s return to filmmaking after a 2 year absence. He wasn’t on sabbatical or in a self-imposed exile; he was in Atlantic City, NJ, living out another dream: working in professional sports.
“I was fortunate enough to have my other dream come true for working for the Boardwalk Bullies of the ECHL. I worked in sales and it was better than I imagined. I even got a championship ring!" But it left him little time to work on films, save for writing.
The team was sold and moved to CA, so Prugar returned to his hometown. One day, he was unpacking and looked at his trophies. That night he had a dream he was chased by people who wanted to steal his awards. Prugar wrote a script about a 5th-grader who wins a spelling trophy, who has enemies in the form of 8th grade bullies. He wanted it to be funny but also have moments of excitement. Most importantly, though, he wanted it to show that even though the odds may seem impossible, they can be overcome. And this film would be different than the prior two films. Digital video equipment was now very affordable, and Jason was rusty behind a camera. "I did a lot of shooting at my son's sporting events, even for his basketball practices. It all helped me get back into the groove behind the camera."
From the get go, challenges and setbacks arose, but that was typical of a Jbird Entertainment film. One of the actors portraying the bullies was a no-show, but Alan had brought a couple of extras for the shoot, and one of them was an actress at many plays with Alan. It also added a different dynamic to the group: an angry female bully.
While The Chase was a hit with the cast and crew, it wasn't met with the initial success of his prior two efforts. Jason shrugs it off. "Times have changed, and more and more festivals pop up, taking different types of films. I chalk it up as another issue that arises when I make a film. And both of my other films had them. It's only a matter of time."




Copyright © 2004 Jason Prugar

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