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The Furry

Larry lives by the book, literally. Since he was a kid, he’s always relied on “how-to” books to help him find the answers in life. Whether it was school, work, or girls, his books always served him well, until now. Suddenly, a series of events turn Larry’s well-planned life upside down. Forced to move, and pick up the pieces, Larry attempts to rebuild his self-help life in a mysterious house, but his plans are confounded, when a sudden accident changes his course. Where Larry once used books to control his life, now his life is controlled by an unquenchable desire. As Larry’s life spirals downward, he reexamines his two lives, and realizes that he must make a change or risk losing himself forever. Sometimes the answers to life aren’t found in print.
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Copyright © 2010 Diablo Rojo Films

Previous screenings

6 Aug – 8 Aug | Seattle, United States
Renovation Independent/Fan Film Festival | 2011
17 Aug | Reno, United States
8 Oct – 22 Oct | Richland, United States

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“... Klein's films are getting accepted into film festivals around the country. Although he hasn't yet won any awards, he has no plans to give up doing what he loves. "I'm not sure if I'll ever make a living at this, but that's not really why I'm doing it"... ...”
3 Oct 2010 | Dori O'Neal | Tri-City Herald
“... Spoofs do better in short bursts than long ones. That's where a film like the Furry succeeds. It's a quick 40-some minutes and the first 10 and the vacuum cleaner salesman are brilliant. I laughed my butt off and strangely, wished The Furry a longer short ...”
8 Aug 2010 | Gary Wolcott | Mr. Movie
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