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Sex, Love & Z-Parts

Sex, Love & Z-Parts is a cinematic experiment that utilizes the cinematic and semiotic codes to illustrate the uniqueness of generation X. The film is imbued with plot mechanisms and visual style that is highly reflective of the present media culture.

This film differs in its trajectory and mood from its peer set. As a noir film it is dark and murky with quintessential characters and social commentary that is at times biting.

Relying on the time-tested caper narrative used in a biracial buddy film backdrop, Sex, Love & Z-Parts takes you to places you have never been in vehicles that you know well. Juxtaposition is the name of the game as you explore the last days of two desperate Gen-X’ers.

The simple story of two down on their luck friends whose desperation with life is only exceeded by their love for a legendary sports car. Unable to admit failure, unwilling to admit defeat, the twosome wheel and deal their way to the last frame, hoping that things will eventually turn in their favor.

As the clock ticks and the stakes get higher the two attempt to land on their feet and remain ahead of the curve, for the meantime at least.

Film notes

"The Skinny on Sex-Love"
With two years of pre-production you would think things would have been easy, but such was not the case. The shoot was ambitious and underfunded. We could have easily tripled the budget and still not had an easy time of it.

On one hand it was great to finally see it being shot, but on the other we were attempting to do the impossible so we had no time to stand around and pat ourselves on the back.

Were it not for a stellar cast of actors and a crew that really gave a shit, this film wouldn't look anything like it does. Marcus tried to give the production a vision, Scott tried to give it some style, both tried to keep it on schedule. The print reflects the hardwork and dedication of people who have a love for film and belief in the idea that is Big Hit Productions.

We're from Los Angeles, and we have something to prove to the world!



Copyright © 2005 Big Hit Productions

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Previous screenings

17 Jun | Beverly Hills, United States
23 Jun – 25 Jun | Toronto, Canada
29 Jul – 31 Jul | Long Beach, United States
1 Jan – 31 Dec | Cleveland, United States
2 Feb – 5 Feb | San Diego, United States
13 Oct – 15 Oct | Norcross, United States

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