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Les Mercredis de Rose

Every Wednesday, Rose cleans the house of a man she has never met. There, she slowly discovers his universe: a world with which she becomes infatuated, developing a true love relationship full of sensuality, fantasy and hopefulness.

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Rose’s Wednesdays is a film behind closed doors. By the very nature of the creative process, in substance and form the film was always about exploration and reflection of our relationships with the private and public that surrounds us. Where to begin and end decency, respect, confidence, when we are led to enter the deepest intimacy of another person? How can we handle personal matters every day, while we are totally estranged? Sharing secrets with someone is like sharing our lives. What roles do curiosity and desire play in a life of a lonely person? My film, Rose’s Wednesdays, explores these questions to find how it feels to desire reaching out for someone else’s heart.

I believe to be a filmmaker who has a poetic way of seeing the feminine universe. My way is humane and suffused with a desire to live differently.

Guylaine Dionne
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Copyright © 2010 Guylaine Dionne

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