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The Hybrid Union

Somewhere in the imaginary land of cyberdesert, unaware of each other’s presence, two abstract characters, Plus and Minus, coexist. Plus struggles with a dependency on an obsolete source of energy while the light-powered system of Minus is threatened by an ominous dark cloud. The unexpected meeting between Plus and Minus leads to a competitive race until they are interrupted by the surprising appearance of another stranger. This new character, Smart, moves fast on demand and seems unaffected by an external circumstances. In order to challenge Smart, Plus and Minus are compelled to combine their unique individual capabilities. Will this hybrid union win the race against the newcomer?

Film notes

The Hybrid Union is essentially a metaphor for our circumstance. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, they just try to live as best they can.

The principal characters, Plus and Minus, are placed within the context of a barren world plagued by an energy crisis, with no apparent path toward a workable solution to the problem. As with modern human society, Plus and Minus stubbornly continue to rely on rapidly dwindling natural resources as they struggle to go on with their lives, but they eventually have to deal with a situation that forces them to change the way they obtain and use energy. They finally come to realize that they must work together to solve the problem.
Although The Hybrid Union ends with a resolution of sorts, the story does not end there because, like us, they are doomed to repeat the same cycle again and again. After all, moving from one energy resource to another doesn't eliminate the fact that extracting energy from any resource comes at the price of using additional energy. So, The Hybrid Union is essentially a metaphor for our circumstance. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, to the story. These characters are just trying to live their lives as best they can. The object lesson to each story vignette, indeed to the entire narrative track, is that the need for energy will always exist, as will the need to constantly adapt with innovative and sustainable solutions.



Copyright © 2009 Serguei Kouchnerov

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Previous screenings

New York International Independent Film and Video Festival | 2010
25 Feb – 28 Feb | New York, United States
Animazspot | 2010
8 Mar | Los Angeles, United States
14 Apr – 18 Apr | Beverly Hills, United States
9 May | New York, United States
2 May – 6 May | Grande Prairie, Canada

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