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Passing the Test

Troy is a college student who's partied too much. Now he runs the risk of getting a D average. His father gives him a mandate, pass all of your classes or he'll stop paying. Troy takes this to heart and is passing with flying colors in all of his classes, save one: Mrs. Lockhart's math class.

To help him, he enlists his friends, including the beautiful Ashley, whom Troy has feelings for. The only problem is so does Kurt, Troy's rival. They place a wager on the final exam: the one with the lower score on the exam has to stay away from Ashley.

Mrs. Lockhart is notorious for rough finals, so they hatch a plan to make sure Troy doesn't fail. But he doesn't know that Kurt sees him, and could put his entire plan in jeopardy.

Film notes

Passing The Test comes from the mind of Writer-Director Jason Prugar, who wrote the script in one day following what he calls "the toughest exam of my life".

“I studied for one of my exams for six hours, longer than I had studier for ANYTHING in my entire life. I got a C-minus. A buddy in class with me has similar woes, and he said, ‘The only way we could’ve passed is if we stole the exam.’ So I sat down and wrote the story of a hard-nosed teacher who failed everyone and the theft of the exam. “

His friends, who were very interested in working with Jason after the success of his first film, The Prize, auditioned for the role. In one week, he had a cast and dove into pre-production. Three weeks later, filming began, and a month of post led to the final film. It took a total of three months from start to finish. The film was shot at Jason’s alma mater, Alvernia College, in Reading, PA. Instrumental in the choice of location was Suzanne Miller. Her job as Director of Student Activities allowed Jason to shot anywhere on campus.

After screening the film at the World Premiere, at Alvernia, Passing The Test was garnered with praise. The cast and crew were impressed, as was Jason.

“I wrote this film being upset at my own professor. It’s an interesting story that my friends at school and schools around the country can relate to. I hope everyone who sees it enjoys it.”




Copyright © 2000 Jason Prugar

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