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The Escape

A psychotic/schizophrenic young man, John, with slight memory loss, during the course of one day goes through a total mental collapse with dark consequences. Confronted by a stranger throughout the day who reveals startling insight to John's life, John must find a way to rid himself of his past sins. Betraying the trust of co-workers and relationships, John's dark past resurfaces in a new form. John is urged by the stranger to free himself of his past, but the dark path that John travels may be his last.

Film notes

As an artist I use video and photography to translate my ideas into a working art form. I enjoy creating digital art to translate my thoughts, ideas, and stories in a way that the viewer can interact or relate with. My art takes a more surreal view into the American life and twists the imagery associated with it so the viewer decides the answer to the meaning of the scene. I adore the process that goes into making a film, and because photography is dominant element in that process, it helps me explore in depth creative ways to translate this media to an audience.
Modern films have had a huge impact on how I view filmmaking. In my media, I create art that is dark, depressing, and may elicit wonder or fear. The creepy factor prevalent in some films provides me with inspiration. Then by adding my own twists, I translate it into my own form of art. The overall aim of my work is to submerge the viewer into the world I have created, while also maintaining a sense of instability within the story and characters in each setting.
The works of Gregory Crewdson heavily influenced me. His art primarily focuses on photography with his photos constructed so that a single photo tells an entire story. Using Crewdson’s work and personal experiences as my inspiration, I work to both evaluate and construct my own ideas and stories through video and photography.
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Copyright © 2010 Grant Yoder

Previous screenings

Senior Art Show | 2010
9 May | Greenville, United States

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PG-13 (United States)

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