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Ramly at War Begins

2 brothers, Quan and Ming belong to the Waja Warriors, one of the oldest and most feared biker gangs dealing in DVD piracy. Quan is a loyal and traditional soldier who will die by the rules. When Ming is in trouble with the rival gang, CoD (Children of DamnedNation or Cash on Delivery), Quan has to make a decision - completing his mission for the Waja Warriors, or breaking the gang laws to save his brother.

Film notes

I love Asian action movies. Being a female white director in Asia isn't necessarily a common thing, but Malaysia has proven very open and very supportive to my visions.

I met Chee Hong (action director of RAW) at an indie movie screening and immediately thought I need to get to work with these guys! In my previous movie projects I had action scenes, but they were more the 'Guys, get as busy as you can and I'll edit sth out of it' type. Now I had the option to have real choreographed fight scenes! Chee Hong and his friends were very interested. They all have 9 -to 5 day-jobs. The Malaysian industry is not known for paying good and the safety for stuntmen often lacks. Therefore the Ramly at War project, purely done out of fun and ambition, was totally along their lines.

Then I though about involving dC (Danny Chua) in the production. He's the cousin of my previous movie collaborator Adrian Lai and has extensive contacts to a lot of Harley Davidson bikers. The idea of an action / biker / martial arts mixed movie was born. dC proved to be a good actor and scriptwriter as well, next to being a resourceful producer. Nothing better then to find people being able to cover several jobs at once in a low budget production!

dC's friend Dexter, an Indonesian biker and cinematographer agreed to shoot Ramly at War. He told us later, he was actually ready to give up after the first day. No equipment and no trained crew made it tough. However, after the shoot he admitted that he became totally addicted to 'chaos' productions. According to him, once he got used to be his own assistant and focus puller, the whole environment of the shoot was a great creative boost.

Ramly at War Begins was a great shooting experience. I'm proud of the action sequences, the pictures and the entire movie. We hope to be able to extend our collaboration into a feature... involving again bikers and fights and A LOT of fun! :)
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