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Eugenio En El Paraiso

A young South American, Eugenio arrives in Sydney for the first time. Full of optimism he enters his friend’s apartment to the paradise he always dreamed of.

As he views the glistening ocean and the bright blue sky he gathers his beach gear, his friend’s dog and heads for the beach. Full of idealistic innocence he is unaware of what is about to take place. Because for a foreigner that enters a new country, every corner turned is a roll of the dice.

On his way he passes an elderly Eastern European woman quietly contemplating the ocean.

He arrives at the beach to find a blond bombshell bronzing in the sun, but soon enough Eugenio finds paradise isn’t all it seems. As he tries to enjoy himself he is continuously confronted with obstacles.

Deflated and confused he leaves the beach to find the blonde bombshell running for him. As his mind drifts onto the thought of their future together, the dream snags with a shove, as she runs past to save her car from the parking attendant.

In the moment of distraction Eugenio loses his puppy; panicked he makes a desperate chase to find the dog waiting for him in the lap of the elderly woman. By the stillness of her mind, he realizes she sees her own image reflected in him, for she was once also a new arrival.

With a mutual understanding and compassion Eugenio’s troubles are wiped away. As they sit and chat, they see another foreign couple innocently running down to the beach. They look at one another and smile, for everyone has to go to through their own journey.



Copyright © 2010 Roberto Meza Mont

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