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Ena Dentro Mia Fora

A ragged street boy and a neglected tree, struggling to survive on a dreary city pavement make friends. In that way they escaped both the loneliness of urban life.
One evening close to Christmas, the tree, having seen the splendidly trimmed Christmas trees standing in the windows of nearby houses, and longing to be as beautiful as they are, begs the boy to trim it too. But the boy has neither ornaments nor money to buy any…
In fact he has nothing.
How can he make this withered, shriveled tree look beautiful, there in the middle of a filthy, freezing pavement? And yet this night will prove to be a very different night from every other. It will be a night when dreams come true, a night of enchantment and magic… shriveled

Film notes

The film touches in a heartwarming, humane manner issues such as: Desolation, Abandonment, Loneliness, the Urban Landscape as a source of Social Isolation, Nature and how we choose to disregard it,
Basic survival needs such as hunger and shelter, for all those living on the margins of a society we take for granted.

It hopes to show children what it means and feels like being on the other less fortunate person's position, and despite of that do something meaningful which transforms in a positive way everything around us.



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Previous screenings

Athens Animfest | 2010
11 Mar – 14 Mar | Athens, Greece

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