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Jacob, a young Orthodox Jewish student, never expected to hear from his old university tutor Andrew ever again. Shocked to learn of Andrew's sudden death, and surprised to discover that he has inherited his entire estate, Jacob returns to Andrew's house looking for answers.

As Jacob wanders from room to empty room, a flood of memories from their final days together return to haunt him, leading to a final confrontation which forces Jacob to accept a painful truth about their relationship – and himself.

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Director's statement:
The idea of two men emotionally crippled by their inability to communicate their true feelings to one another really struck a chord with me, and with this film I took the opportunity to push these men as far into the corners as possible in order to explore the barriers that prevent lasting happiness - those imposed by individuals as well as society.

The themes of identity and belonging are also very personal to me.

Being comfortable in one's identity can give you a sense a belonging, but when you have several identities to which you must remain true, the results are often unpleasant. Jacob is torn between his faith and culture, for which he has a deep respect, and his burgeoning feelings for other men.

Satisfying his emotional needs runs the risk of him being judged by his family, peers, and ultimately God. Even if a relationship were possible with Andrew, he must face judgment from other gay men who would make assumptions about the true nature of their relationship. Andrew is well aware of his own predicament not looked upon with favour, and his own fears of how he will be labelled hold him back from revealing the extent of his feelings for Jacob.

"Communication" provided a wonderful opportunity to tell a story about three very different gay men, each united by their sense of loneliness and isolation from the world, and a desperate need to find a place where they belong I hope that we can learn a lesson from these men and not let the judgments of others dictate the course of true love. When you find it you have to hold onto it.
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Previous screenings

15 Apr – 22 Apr | Turin, Italy
23 Apr – 2 May | Miami, United States
Pink Apple: Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
28 Apr – 9 May | Zurich & Frauenfeld, Switzerland
6 May – 16 May | Boston, United States
QBliss Creating Change Community Awards | 2010
17 May – 18 May | United States
20 May – 30 May | Toronto, Canada
27 May – 9 Jun | Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, New Zealand
Fort Worth Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival | 2010
3 Jun – 6 Jun | Fort Worth, United States
Honolulu Summer Outreach Film Series | 2010
11 Jun | Honolulu, United States
12 Aug – 15 Aug | Durham, United States

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10 June 2010
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