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Push Pull

Ben and Bec are madly in love, but they seem to always get into outrageous fights. Exchange of words turns into aggressive tones, turns into yelling and screaming…and at its worst physical violence occurs. But the couple seems to always work it out, whether it is through a meaningful exchange of apologetic words or just a mere compassionate and caring hug. Although deeply in love, the existential issue of it’s meaning can leave their feelings cold towards each other. One day, during an unsuccessful love scene, Bec threatens to call up one of her friends, claiming that at least Rachel (Bec’s friend) knows how to have fun. Ben’s ‘comeback’ is to invite one of his friends. Only instead of inviting a male friend, he invites a female friend (Amanda) as well. At first there is a quiet tension and awkward moments of silence in the shared living space. But when Ben bumps into Rachel in private, some sort of chemistry seems to spark up between them. Ben and Rachel have a little flirt, and perhaps take it to a bit of an inappropriate level. When Ben and Rachel return to the living room, Ben is shocked by what he sees: Bec and Amanda are making out on the couch. This little scenario causes an edgy situation, but turns into a humorous and playful double-make-out in the living room, with peeks back and forth of what is happening on the other side of the couch. The next night the couple (Ben and Bec) agrees that the previous night was very hot and exciting. They make love thinking about all of the excitement…but afterwards end up having an argument once more.

Film notes

This is a portrait of the constant push-pull energy that this couple share with each other, taking us on a journey of love, hate, delightful friendship and ghastly anger…but never forgetting that life will always come with a splash of humor.

Push Pull is Rudi's first year student film. Rudi utilizes colored lighting to give extra emotion to each scene.

One of the challenges in Push Pull was to create the club and bar life happenings of flirtations and paranoia within the compounds of the couple's home, yet making it seem believable. All light sources are motivated, helping make those unusual scenes more credible.

The concept of Push Pull was very challenging in the way that Rudi wanted to create this huge scope of emotions, within a very constrained time-frame, whilst creating a pacing that allows for the absorbtion of those emotions. The most difficult part was to create a smooth transition between the normal dialogue to the poetic dialogue which describes one of the fundamental existential problem between a couple that share a deep loving relationship, but somehow feel nothing for each other at all.

Rudi managed to cast Natalie Walker, just after she completed her role in the Australian feature film 'Prey'. Natalie also got the award for best leading lady in Push Pull at the RMIT student film awards. Push Pull was also the only film that got nominated for every nomination category at the 2009 RMIT student film awards.

Through the original writing and directing style used, mixed with a very unique blend of sound design, gives Push Pull the feel Commercial meets Art-House. This was also the intention.

Push Pull is a great short film for a first year film student.
love hate friendship paranoia passion hope existentialism domestic violence relationships




Copyright © 2009 Rudi Vasconcelos

Previous screenings

RMIT Student Film Awards | 2009
4 Dec | Melbourne, Australia

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