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Dog of God

While working routine graveyard shifts, Evan Snacks receives persistent phone messages from Alejandro, a pimp who is mistakenly calling to collect.

Fed up and ready to end this nonsense, Evan cases the pimp’s suburban lair where he instead discovers Isadora, a live-in working girl. Having shifted interests from Alejandro to Isadora, Evan’s obsessions manifest a place where he and she alone can be together.

Realities soon collide and Evan is forced to decide which relationships are real.

Film notes

The cow eye of the camera sees and registers the images in a crude and mechanical way, without choosing between them or capturing the qualities that the perception of the spirit grants them. The true role of the filmmaker should be, by means of these various techniques, to adapt the entire life of the spirit to the screen. From this point of view the forms of the spirit are of two kinds: on the one hand those that can be rendered directly perceptible under a visual and acoustic appearance, on the other hand, those that cannot.

roger Gilbert-Lecomte, 1933




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