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Drop Out

An artificial Science-Fiction world is controlled and observed by a disembodied force. The force selects the inhabitants of this world carefully.

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Main theme of the film is the selection in our society. Essentially a natural process, but in this context it is portrayed very artificial, sterilized and implemented via very inhuman mechanics.
The process of selecting humans is omnipresent in our society. It is executed in applications, immigrations, abortions and maybe in near future the pre-selection of the own children because of small unwanted genetic influences.
The problem of the proceeding overpopulation and the consequent drastic reducing of resources give pre-selection also eligibility. The film describes a fictional vision, if one of the last ethical hurdles is jumped: the large-area pre-selection of the next generation.

The film is a combination of 3D with real-stop-motion elements. The set is built entirely analogue and was photographed with a digital photo camera. For the construction of the set all kinds of materials were used, like used car wheels, beer cans and all sorts of scrap metal.
Moving elements like the ventilators were animated in the old fashioned stop motion way. The only 3D elements are the camera and the baby dolls, which were composed into the photo sequences meticulously afterwards with all kinds of techniques like rotoscoping, masks and 3D shadows.
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Previous screenings

30 Nov | Vienna, Austria
20 Apr – 25 Apr | Linz, Austria
29 Apr | Salzburg, Austria
Computer Space | 2010
28 Oct – 30 Oct | Sofia, Bulgaria
8 Nov – 13 Nov | Salzburg, Austria
Youki: International Youth Media Festival
16 Nov – 20 Nov | Wels, Austria
20 Jun – 26 Jun | Melbourne, Australia

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