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Lost Paradise

A young woman, a Muslim, a wife, a mother, this is sum of Ismat’s life and she has resigned herself to it. But the longing for something other, for something lost, for possibilities still lives within her. A chance encounter, on a busy high street, with a man from her past, Zubeer, becomes the focus for this energy and the figure for the fantasy of what could have been. This awakening within Ismat makes it all the more difficult to return to her life and the monotony of her existence with her husband and baby. She has to find Zubeer.
So it begins with a search for him on the internet, but to no avail. Every step making the fantasy grow stronger, till she finds herself going through an old ‘friend’s’ bag to get his number. She makes the call and the fantasy drives her until he is there in front of her. Without thinking her course has been set, oblivious to the grim location, it feels right... but then the dark reality of her surrounds are mirrored in the realisation that it is far from the fantasy. A line has been crossed, and Ismat is further from herself than she was before. She runs home and before she knows it there she is again with her husband and baby, in the glow of the setting sun this reality is even harder to bear. Scorning them, she seeks solace in the bathroom. Left now with only her reflection, and with the hardest reality of them all, who is Ismat and what has she become.

Film notes

As an actor I became bored of reading the same scripts about 2nd Generation Asians in the UK, that I felt were being written by people outside of the culture. Out of this frustration ‘Lost Paradise’ was born, I wanted to write about the experiences of 2nd generation Muslims and apply it to the universal themes of growing old and realising that we too often live in the past when the present is alll we have. My aim was to make a subtle and thought provoking film, to get people to question the constraints impossed by culture(s).



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22 Apr – 30 Apr | London, United Kingdom

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