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Goodbye Tomorrow

Sam has been house sitting for his brother. Usually Sam works nights but tonight he has been wandering the streets. As Sam passes by a dark alley, horrible screams come the dark. Knowing he should ignore it and move on; curiosity and the pain of the scream talks him into it. He walks towards a woman lying on the ground.

Samantha is in serious pain. There is no open wound or blood, yet her face twists with pain and her eyes plea with every scream that escapes her mouth.
She looks at him and asks for help.

As he hesitates, another wave of pain hits and she looks at him pleadingly. Sam says yes and helps her up.

Samantha wishes to see the sunrise. Sam does not feel too comfortable with his decision but can not leave her alone to die. He helps her and they watch the sunrise.

As the sun begins to rise, lighting up her sickly face Samantha looks at the light as though for the first time.

When they return to Sam’s apartment, Sam gives her coffee and they talk. Samantha looks like she is getting better, although still quite tired.
Sam offers her his bed and they both fall asleep.

When Sam slowly opens his eyes, he sees Samantha leaning over him and barely sees the knife before it cuts into him. Shocked he looks at Samantha and asks why.

Barely answering Samantha steals his watch and leaves Sam dying.

Film notes

Everything that could go wrong when wrong while making this film. I've never had to keep myself for crying at any given moment because something unexpected kept happening. I knew if I stayed calm that I would be able to find a solution and I almost always did. Goodbye Tomorrow was written for a friend I went to school with. We had reconnected on Facebook.

Like most conversation on social networks they start out re-introducing yourself and telling them what you've been up to since school. I tell them I'm trying to become a full-time Director/Writer and I'm now in New York trying to make that happen. They are automatically impressed by me and this is followed up with "... let me be in your next film...". I usually say yeah or sure because never taking it to heart. This time I actually told them I would and don't be surprise if I called you in the near future. True to my word; I finished a great script and starting on pre-production.

I wasn't too confident because my previous short film was less than satisfactory; so much so I had shelved it. It was disappointing but I wasn't going to let it get me down. I just uses the failure as a "lesson learned" to move on to the next project.

Even though I lost one of my main actors, lost my location, almost did my permit until the day before shooting, travel arrangement nightmare; wasted so much money, 48 hour shooting window because of work conflict, and a very tired crew.

Post production took 6 months, my sound was crappy, and finally my hard-drive got distorted which had the final edited version and raw footage on it. If it was for YouTube and SilverSound; I would have no film right now.

We were still able to make something out of nothing. I'm very proud of my cast and crew; they didn't have to do it but they did and I'm forever grateful. I hope this short film leads to bigger and better opportunity because it was hell to make.
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