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The Ruined Eye

John Remora is dissatisfied with the reality around him. As he sees it, people are mere motifs for the world he's creating. Using his camera he captures what entices him and molds his subjects to fit the place he wants to live in - the Void - a place unfinished, built out of human puppets and partial architecture.

John treads a fine line between the two worlds. The Void's only active inhabitant, Samuel, helps John keep direction as he expands his construct. Drifted from common reality and stripped of emotions, John begins to resemble his own creations.

A woman from the past, Monica, enters the picture and tears a rift between John and the Void. Samuel wants the woman to disappear while John can't help but be drawn to her. Monica grows attracted to this strange but seemingly career driven man, unaware of what lies beneath. With this new-found affection, John's life is thrown into complete disorder, threatening the only thing he's cared about so far: the Void.

Film notes

This is writer & director Nils-Erik Ekblom's fiction debut and examination project for Axxell City Folk High School. The film, low on budget but high on ambition, activated hundreds of people in support of making it. The production, of unheard scale on this level of education, has been lauded for its tight atmosphere and accomplished score.




Copyright © 2009 Axxell City

Previous screenings

15 Jan – 17 Jan | Tammisaari, Finland
3 Mar – 7 Mar | Mariehamn, Åland Islands

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