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J has a gift: he can travel through time. Over and over again, year after year, he travels back to try
and repair his broken relationship with V, ended after a fight for reasons to us unknown. Everytime
he goes back, however, he repeats one same and unique action, as an obsessive and neurotic habit.
Things never change, and this forces J to abuse medicines to bear his pain. His body and his soul
grow tired. Maybe he is never right, maybe all is wrong. One night, years later, J decides to make
his last trip. This time he knows what to do. Destination: anywhere but Heaven. What would you do if
you could go back?

Film notes

Remember is a story of obsession and insanity. J is a man who has lost his beloved,
and due to a reason which is not explained (possibly due to a fighting trauma?) he
acquires the incredible ability to travel back in time.
In this paradoxical situation, J will keep repeating the same actions, without ever
determining a true change. Years after living in the past, J will take the most painful
yet probably rightful decision of his life.
There's a reason, in my opinion, why we should leave the past where it belongs:
mainly, because it's gone and life belongs to the future. I believe that this story, time
travels excluded, describes something that each of us experienced at least once in
the lifetime, when we allowed memories to take care of our sorrows.
Remembering is what we are left with, but the future awaits out there.
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Copyright © 2010 Andrea Zamburlin

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22 Dec | Torino, Italy

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