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Down Dog

DOWN DOG charts the exploits of Guru Dave, a charismatic "yogi-to-the-stars" at the peak of his notoriety. A legend in his own mind, Dave has a talent for espousing "spiritual truths" before a rapt following of beautiful women, but he misuses his ethereal charisma to philander his female tutelage and maximize his ego in the City of Lights.

Dave talks the talk, but can't quite walk the walk. His perfect universe is rocked when Grace, a truly enlightened African American "Boddhisatva" enters his orbit to assist his spiritual development. She provides him with the challenge of his lifetime. Should he fail, his fiefdom will collapse.

Is our false prophet up to the task? Only Grace's guru, Master Sri Babajiji Yogananda knows the truth.

Film notes

"Down Dog" marks Mr. Roll's debut as a writer / director. Adapted from his feature script of the same name, "Down Dog" the short is a 35mm stand-alone spiritual satire and celebration of the Los Angeles yoga community, a musing on the proliferation of ersatz "gurus" capitalizing on the zeitgeist of the times -- the West's fascination with the East. Mr. Roll is exhibiting his debut in film festivals worldwide while simultaneously using the short to facilitate set-up of the feature project, which he anticipates having in production by early 2006.

In February 2005, "Down Dog" world premiered to a sold-out / standing room only crowd of 800 at the Boulder International Film Festival. The film was met with uproarious laughter, cheering and applause. The response was electric, culminating in BEST SHORT FILM HONORS. All the more amazing is the fact that "Down Dog" beat out "Wasp", which went on to win the Oscar for Best Live Action Short at the following week's Academy Awards. Not bad for the very first screening or his very first film.

Over the course of 2005, "Down Dog" has gone on to successful reviews, screenings and audience acclaim at over 15 top-tier film festivals across the United States (including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Maui, Michigan, Sonoma Valley, Tahoe/Reno, San Francisco and Bend, OR), won BEST SHORT FILM kudos at the SAN FRANCISCO WORLD FILM FESTIVAL and landed Richard a top tier literary manager, Melinda Jason of the Intellectual Property Group ("IPG"). "They represent James Ellroy, Richard Russo and Paul Haggis. I am very lucky to be in such good company and with representatives very dedicated to realizing the feature version of this project with myself attached to direct."

Comments Roll, "There is nothing better than standing in the back of a crowded film festival screening to observe an audience enjoy what I have labored so hard to create. It inspires me to continue and to be better the next time around."




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Previous screenings

17 Feb – 20 Feb | Boulder, United States
2 Mar – 13 Mar | Washington, United States
1 Apr – 8 Apr | Calabasas, United States
7 Apr – 10 Apr | Phoenix, United States
10 Jun – 12 Jun | Saugatuck, United States
14 Jun – 21 Jun | Maui, United States
Napa - Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival | 2005
21 Jul – 14 Aug | Napa Valley & Sonoma Valley, United States
24 Aug – 28 Aug | Tahoe, United States
22 Sep – 25 Sep | Bend, United States
29 Sep – 2 Oct | San Fransisco, United States
20 Oct – 23 Oct | Ojai, United States
22 Oct – 23 Oct | Decatur, United States
2 Dec – 11 Dec | Anchorage, United States
8 Dec – 11 Dec | Nassau, Bahamas
6 Oct – 8 Oct | Ellensburg, United States

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