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Blue Sky. Dark Bread

It is summer, the harvest season. A festival of dust and light. The village is effervescent. Life flows by, peaceful and joyous.

Film notes

The image plays with time, the sound plays with space. A poetic gathering at an up-tempo rhythm, lively, swirling shots framing human beings and nature.

Director's Statement
Ilya Tomashevich

I wanted to retain my personal impression of season change – the transition from summer to autumn. I like this time with all its spleen and sadness, though being within I always want to leave it behind, to get beyond it desperately. This state of mind is metaphorical and corresponds not just to the realities of actual presence of the film.

I had some poetic motif which I tried to translate into the language of shots and editing.

I took a course of probable situations (which could be different but had to bear the same sense). Like in a meal scene for instance: there are people at night sitting outside around the table and eating something from the plate in the centre. There is only one light source – a bulb over the plate. A person who takes the food gets into the light. Some come up to the table from darkness, some go away. The structure and binding motif are created by the rain and the card play. The coziness of the play and talk are opposed to rainy world outside.

I edited the film trying to derive energy and emotion not from the story (actually there is no story in usual sense) but from the shots and their interaction with each other and with the sound.

Structure and rhythm reflect my idea of life as a course of days and nights which are very different. Days are for people, nights are for the world to change. Each morning people wake up to see the world having changed a bit. Therefore it was important for me to create articulate and pulsing rhythm in the film. To show life and motion dissolve in the emptiness of space. This is the end of summer.

It was absolutely crucial for me to make this film fully documentary with no staged scenes, we used no additional light (only sun and household light bulb) and 35mm.




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Previous screenings

Beginning: St. Petersburg International Festival of Debut and Student Films
1 Oct – 6 Oct | St Petersburg, Russia
14 Apr – 17 Apr | Durham, United States
Gdańsk DocFilm Festiwal | 2011
4 May – 8 May | Gdańsk, Poland
12 May – 21 May | Tel Aviv, Israel

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